SoftTouch POS for Country Clubs & Recreation Centers

SoftTouch POS

SoftTouch recognizes that country clubs and recreation centers have unique demands for POS, which is why we included specialty features such as rentals and house accounts. Additionally, SoftTouch POS provides comprehensive functionality for counter service, delivery and takeout, table service, small gift shops, and much more. You can even alert patrons on their mobile device when an order is ready for pickup.

House accounts

Charge and maintain customer balances with full statement reporting. It’s never been so easy.


From pool tables and dart boards to personal watercraft, all of your equipment rentals are automatically timed and easily managed directly from SoftTouch POS.

EMV Certified

Effective October 2015, a consortium of payment processors mandated the use of EMV technology by all merchants. Merchants who don’t implement EMV payment technology are subject to chargeback liability for fraudulent credit card use at their point of purchase. Please visit Visa for more information about the liability shift.

PA-DSS Validated

Credit card theft is a serious problem. According to more than 4,823 data breaches occurred in the last 10 years. That represents 898 million records with sensitive data stolen by cyber thieves. It’s imperative you protect your customers and your business from malicious data hackers.

System modes

  • Counter service
  • Takeout and delivery
  • Table service


  • Rentals
  • House accounts

Customer facing

  • Loyalty and gift cards
  • Customer paging

Some features above may require additional hardware or software.

Can you afford downtime?

SoftTouch POS is built on the principals of mission-critical application architecture. Our products and solutions are designed to keep your restaurant or bar running without service interruption.

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