Is your restaurant still posting your menu the old fashioned way?

Old-Fashioned Restaurant Menu Board

Turn the corner of the 21st century with exciting new digital menu boards!

Digital Menu Board at a Boston Area Pizza Restaurant

Our LED menu boards use bright colors, cool custom designs and fonts, and quality photography to get your customers’ attention and generate better sales! Best of all, you can change the information any time you like without climbing a ladder or hiring a technician!

Restaurant and retail shop owners love having the ability to make spontaneous changes to their digital menu boards at any given moment. Being able to instantly change promotions is just one outstanding feature. You can also greatly improve communication (even from store to store) all by cloud access over the Internet. This is a especially helpful for owners who have multiple locations within a chain of establishments.

Digital Menus and Signage Boards can be used in wide variety of restaurants and retail locations:

  • Fast Food Restaurants
  • Pizza and Italian Restaurants
  • Chinese Restaurants
  • Japanese Sushi Restaurants
  • Indian Restaurants
  • Thai Restaurants
  • Greek Restaurants
  • French Restaurants
  • Mexican Restaurants
  • Middle Eastern Restaurants
  • Polish Restaurants
  • Portuguese Restaurants
  • Delis
  • Liquor Stores
  • Mini Marts
  • Corner Markets
  • Bars & Pubs
  • Breakfast Diners
  • Convenience Stores
  • Shopping Malls

A digital menu board in a fried chicken restaurant.

Use your digital menu board to invite customers to your social media!

Digital Menu Board at an Italian Restaurant in the Boston Area

Digital Menu Board at a Boston Area Pizzaria

Food photos help diners make quick, informed decisions and can be especially helpful during busy rush times. Being able to see what a meal will look like before it’s served cuts down on send-backs and makes customers feel better about their choices.

We work with restaurant owners to design digital menu boards that work for their individual businesses, designing menus that are visually pleasing, that work with and enhance the décor, and present menu items in an attractive, easy-to-read format. Choose from a wide variety of pre-made templates, or work with us to create something all your own. We help make menu selections a fun, interesting experience!

We specialize in serving customers in the northeast including the greater Boston metro area, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

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