Age Verification Software

Legal age verification software is essential for retail merchants and business owners who sell age-restricted products such as alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, and pseudoephedrine, or offer services such as gambling. Our systems are also indispensable for any age-restrictive environment or business that depends on accurate and reliable identification of their customers and clients. Legal age verification provides the latest in driver’s license information management and updates for all 50 states and Canada. The continual monitoring of state-by-state changes and updates guarantees the business owner of the most up-to-date information available. Updates are available to the user on either a real-time basis (IP system) or by a pre-established download update schedule which includes all state coding changes and updates.

Legal Age Verification ScanOn every state ID or d​rivers license​ there is either a bar code, magnetic st​rip,​ or both. Legal age verification software scans the bar code or magnetic strip and breaks down the parse code embedded on the ID. Once the software breaks down the parse code it is compared character by character, looking for any differences. If a difference is found it will register as an ​INVALID​ ID.

Legal age verification software receives certified copies of sample licenses from the various departments of motor vehicles to break down and code the software accordingly. We collect new sample licenses every time an ID is updated or changed by the DMV, requiring us to update our software to match the most current ID,​ which in turn provides business owners with up-to-date verification information.​

Once you sign up for our age verification system, we will send a letter to the Liquor Control Board stating that you are now using our Age Verification software. You will be registered as part of the responsible merchant program.

When we set up your company to work through the ethernet you receive any and all updates within 24 to 48 hours. We will also be able to send you a report of any and all transactions verified , if any customer issues arise.

You also have the ability to program the terminal to notify you if you ever decided NOT to allow anyone to enter or drink in your restaurant.

Age Verification for Merchant Sales

Merchant Sales

Legal Age software is essential for retail merchants and business owners selling age restricted products. Our merchant clients include convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores, and medicinal dispensaries. Legal Age allows for fast, immediate verification and authentication in order for stores to get customers in and out efficiently all while protecting their business. Our terminal hardware was designed to interface with existing POS systems to make integration easy for all parties involved.

Age Verification for Nightlife - Bars, Taverns & Saloons


Any business operating within the nightlife industry knows the importance of keeping age restricted products out of the hands of minors. Legal Age’s mobile application was specifically designed to fit the needs of bar and lounge operators ensuring strict control on serving customers while maintaining a safe environment. Legal Age has the ability to manage door entry, 86 list patrons, VIP lists, and rewards programs all while protecting venues from underage guests and fake ID’s.

Age Verification for Restaurants


Restaurant owners and management can rest assured that their liquor license is protected at all times with Legal Age. We offer multiple hardware device options including POS integration for use in any fixed restaurant environment. Along with verifying age prior to liquor sales, Legal Age also supports the remote ordering process with table side age verification for alcohol through the use of mobile devices. This action can be accomplished with a single device saving the server time and maximizing the business revenues through gained efficiencies.

Age Verification for Casinos, Horseracing, and Gambling Establishments


Many entertainment venues accommodate guests of all ages, such as concert arenas, sports stadiums, bowling alleys, amusement parks, and casinos. Legal Age provides protection while maintaining strict control on serving customers in age restricted activities while maintaining a safe environment for all, including those who are underage. Legal Age has several different options to help meet the needs of your entertainment business.

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