Click on the links below for information on PCI Compliance.

Sterling/EVO MID Beginning with (777)
Phone: 877-235-2769

Capital BankCard – TSYS Broomfield MID Beginning with (5436)
Phone: 800-825-3301

Capital BankCard – TSYS Tempe MID Beginning with (9305 & 5353)
Phone: 877-277-1178 or 800-909-5134

CardConnect-FD MID Beginning with (4963 or 5180)
Phone: 877-257-0329

WorldPay MID Beginning with (5429)
Phone: 877-479-6649

WinStar FD MID Beginning with (5309) or (4345)
Phone: 800-966-5520

If you receive an “Adobe Flash Blocker” notification please follow these steps:

1. Click the link, when the website opens in a new windows tab with the message ‘Adobe Flash Blocker” look at the web address bar at the top of the page.
2. At the end of the web address bar will be a puzzle piece icon with a red symbol, click on the icon.
3. A message regarding the pop up will give the options of Manage and Done select “manage”.
4. In the information box that opens it will allow you to type websites that are blocked or allowed sites for Flash, above the Websites Blocked section will be the option Ask Before Blocking, click it to slide the option “on”.
5. You will then have to exit out of the webpage with the Adobe Blocked Message and re-select the link. When the page re-opens it will ask if to allow Adobe Flash, select “yes”.