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Credit Card Processing MachineIf you’re doing business in today’s fast-moving marketplace, you need the ability to not only accept credit cards for payment, but you must be able to accept those payments in a variety of ways. We can help!

  • Visa & Mastercard
  • American Express One-Point or Direct Accounts
  • Discover Credit Card Processing
  • Wright Express & Voyager

Boston North Credit Card Services will design a customized credit card analysis specific for your company, customers and card types at no cost. Simply fill out the form on the right side of this page and we’ll get started.

Processing with another company? NO PROBLEM! We can help walk you through the switch over process to Boston North Credit Card Services. We will work with you so your transfer costs will be minimal or none at all.

  • We can supply terminals if needed at little or no cost to you.
  • Will review your rates every six months to make sure you are getting the best pricing possible.
  • If needed, we can work with you on all charge backs to make sure you receive all the funds your company processed.
  • We can help handle any and all issues that arise so you can spend your time running your business.

EMV Credit Card Readers

EMV Credit Card ReadersEMV, which stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa, is a global standard for cards equipped with computer chips and the technology used to authenticate chip-card transactions. In the wake of numerous large-scale data breaches and increasing rates of counterfeit card fraud, U.S. card issuers are migrating to this new technology to protect consumers and reduce the costs of fraud.

For merchants, the switch to EMV means adding new in-store technology and processing systems, and complying with new liability rules. Best of all, it means greater protection against counterfeit fraud.

EMV cards are more secure than traditional cards

The small, metallic square you’ll see on new cards is a computer chip, and it’s what sets it apart from old credit cards. The magnetic stripes on traditional credit and debit cards store contain unchanging data, so whoever accesses that data gains the sensitive card and cardholder information necessary to make purchases. That makes traditional cards prime targets for counterfeiters, who convert stolen card data to cash.

Unlike magnetic-stripe cards, every time an EMV card is used for payment, the card chip creates a unique transaction code that cannot be used again. EMV technology will not prevent data breaches from occurring, but it will make it much harder for criminals to successfully profit from what they steal.

Making the move to EMV card readers is great for merchants and provides a much higher level of security for their customers.

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