Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 4000WInnovative Wall Mount ATM with Compact Design

Monimax 4000W offers unprecedented deployment flexibility while supporting a robust set of traditional ATM service offerings. Ideal for sites where real estate is at a premium, Monimax 4000W delivers total cost of ownership results in a reliable, secure platform.


Innovative, Compact Design

Monimax 4000W is a totally unique configuration–a day safe wall mounted ATM – to support interior deployments. With its compact size, Monimax 4000W provides maximum space efficiency to customers. From its highly efficient user interfaces to its robust capabilities – a full range of advertising and marketing support along with standard ATM transactions – Monimax 4000W sets the standard for convenient deployment options.

User Friendly Interface

Monimax 4000W provides unsurpassed convenience to all users by providing intuitive graphical user interface through eight-inch color LCD, cash tray and key pad illumination. Monimax 4000W is designed with speed and convenience in mind. Rapid transaction processing, speedy service events, and quick deployments. All delivered by Nautilus Hyosung’s unique design and engineering capabilities.

Maximum Reliability

Reliability derived from Nautilus Hyosung’s experience in the US retail industry and availability provided by state of the art modules, Monimax 4000W is the ideal self-service platform for minimal footprint cash dispensing ATM deployments. Ease of maintenance and simplified service routines ensure maximum availability with minimal operator intervention.

System Platform

  • Microsoft ® Window® CE platform


  • TCP / IP, Dial-up


  • 8”color TFT LCD

Input Type

  • 8 function keys
  • PCI compliant EPP
  • RKT(optional)

Card reader

  • Dip type card reader

Cash dispenser

  • 500 notes cassette*
  • 20 notes reject box*
  • Cash tray illumination


  • Graphical thermal receipt printer


  • Key lock

Additional Features

  • Audio jack
  • Inner signage
  • EPP illumination
  • Door handle
  • Speaker

Power Supply

  • AC 110 ~ 240V, 50 ~ 60 Hz

Environmental Conditions


  • 5°C ~ 35°C ( 41°F – 95°F )


  • 20% ~ 85%


  • Height : 478mm (18.8”)
  • Width : 643mm (25.3”)
  • Depth : 222mm (8.7”)

Internal components may change with the introduction of new technology. Nautilus Hyosung reserves the right to change the specifications of this ATM to accommodate the changes in technology.

* Subject to note quality and other variables

Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 4000W diagram