Genmega ATM MachinesSince 2006 Genmega has been a manufacturer and provider of ATM and Transactional Kiosk solutions with well over 150,000 units deployed worldwide. Genmega products are built on a philosophy of cutting-edge engineering and integration wrapped in attractive, modern designs which are not only easy to deploy and maintain but also invite customers and maximize your returns.


Genmega’s ATM machines are often developed with direct collaboration and input from our customers. Their ability to take your ideas or equipment needs from concept to market and a willingness to explore options make Genmega a valuable partner.


With tens of thousands of ATMs and components deployed, and a staff of engineers, developers, and technicians with decades of ATM experience, Genmega knows that reliable equipment is critical to operating your business.

Warranty and Support

Genmega takes great pride in its high quality and reliable ATM products. In the event a problem does occur, Genmega offers outstanding customer service and technical support. Their warranty policies exist to make sure you and your customers feel secure and confident with your equipment. Last-minute or emergency orders are almost always accommodated.